A Platinum Cuff link is a Fashion Statement

A stunning styled platinum cuff link is guaranteed to complete any formal attire. Are you the type of man, who only wants the best?

Then platinum cuff links are for you. Platinum cuff links look trendy and can be obtained in a variety of prices and styles. For your reference we have given valuable details about what’s available. Platinum cuff links come with a variety of shapes, sizes and prices. 

Handmade platinum cuff-links: 
These handmade cuff-links are precious gems. Handmade platinum and titanium cuff-links can cost you around $450. A pair of lapiz lazuli double cuff-links set in platinum with a diamond border can cost you around $3,191.64. Onyx, platinum and diamond cuff-links with their splendid finish, can cost you around $3,191.64. Platinum and two color exotic metal square double cuff-links cost around $1,652.80. 

  • William Chrome and Oval Cuff-Links and Tie Clip Set

  • Steve Chrome Rectangle Cuff-Links and Tie Clip Set

  • Pierre Chrome and Silver Square Cuff-Links and Tie Clip Set

  • Noah Chrome Rectangular Cuff-Links and Tie Clip Set

New style cuff-links: 
A fresh new style of cuff-link in genuine Chinese blue lacquer and platinum can make you feel fit for a royal banquet. With the appeal of a crisp cotton tailored suit, DuPont blue lacquer and platinum cuff-links are perfect accessories for business or other official occasions. You could also go for a rhodium plated double hand cuff-link which costs you around $270. Rhodium is a white metal from the platinum family which has a platinum look. 

Other trendy designs: 
Some navy and yellow squares, are the most fashionable cuff-links available and can harmonize with any garment. You may highlight either color to garnish your outfit, but we suggest that you band these together with shirts that are lemon, cream or navy in color for the best impact. The 19.55mm 18k platinum cuff-link which looks like an old timepiece or compact watch when glanced at, would make a grand gift for parents, friends, or maybe just an extraordinary acquisition for yourself!. This may also cost you just around $26.

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